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Dr. Nveed Chaudhary

Dr Nveed Chaudhary is Chief Regulatory Officer at Broughton. He has over 15 years of experience in the Next Generation Nicotine Products (NGPs) industry. His educational background includes a Double Hons Degree in Pharmacology and Physiology from University College London and a PhD in Respiratory Molecular Medicine from the University of Southampton. His goal has always been to reduce the burden that lung disease has on patients, society, and public health. Early in his career he worked for the pharmaceutical industry and at Boehringer Ingelheim was the co-inventor of a novel drug for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, nintedanib esylate, which received regulatory approval in 2014/15. Since 2006, Nveed had worked at three of the largest tobacco companies in the World, focused on the assessment and subsequent regulatory filing of NGPs, including e-cigarettes, heated tobacco products and modern oral nicotine products. His experience at British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International included leading multi-disciplinary, globally based teams on both pre-clinical and clinical assessment of NGPs. Later in his career at Philip Morris International, Nveed was Director of Strategic Communications, with a focus on Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR). In this role, as well as creating narratives around THR for regulatory and key opinion leader engagement, he also had a critical role in creating the narratives for the Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA) and Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) applications for IQOS. Most recently, Nveed directed the PMTA programme at Imperial Brands ensuring the timely submission of PMTA applications to support Imperial Brand’s range of deemed products in the USA. Nveed is a true pioneer for NGPs and has worked collaboratively with FDA in the submission of both PMTAs and MRTPs as well as having heavy involvement in PMTAs for both e-vapor and heated tobacco products. As a scientist and communicator, Nveed is passionate about story-telling and using scientific data to underpin the narratives of both regulatory submissions and tobacco harm reduction.

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